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Knanaya Catholic Youth League Los Angeles (KCYLLA)

At the request of KCCNA, Fr. Abraham Mutholath took initiative in organizing Knanaya Catholic Youth League of Los Angeles in 1992.

Every year KCYLLA elect new committee members, and with their leadership they organize different activities such as seminars, camping, picnics, wall climbing, bowling etc. KCYLLA takes initiatives for organizing cultural programs during Easter and Christmas celebrations of our community. They also participate in the Christmas carol program. They also actively participate all the national youth conventions and KCCNA conventions. Under their leadership they organized a KCYLNA convention and a cruise trip in Los Angeles.

At present Justin Chazhikatt is the president of this youth association. Mr. Joji Manalel serves as the coordinator of KCYLLA and Mrs. Saleena Luke Thachett is the national youth coordinator of KCYLNA. Fr. Mathew Kattiyankel serves as the National Chaplain of the KCYLNA.

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