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Religious Education

As decided in the last general body (pothuyogam), we inaugurated our Sunday school for our kids on 12th of March 2006. The time scheduled for catechism is at 5pm, followed by the Holy mass at Korean Catholic Apostolate Church. As in the inaugural address Dr. Philip Chatham mentioned, ‘Catechism is the most important duty of the Catholic Church, and at the same time, it is the prime obligation of our parents to give their children maximum catholic formation’. Though we have many difficulties due to the geographical distances, kindly make maximum arrangements to make sure that our children are regularly attending and benefiting this Sunday school. Our time and gas consumption will never be a loss in the long run! Let us encourage our kids and extend our cooperation the staff volunteers. Mr Jogy Manalel is designated as the principal of our Sunday school.

Catechism class trip to Santa Barbara.
Catechism Staff Headed by Fr Thomas Mulavanal Inagurated by Dr. Philip Chatham.
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Rev.Fr. Siju Mudakkodil
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