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Knanaya Catholics of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas met on July 5,1992 at Mr.Thomas Parayankala's residence.At the meeting,presided over by Fr.Abraham Mutholath,it was decided to form a Knanaya Catholic Association in Los Angeles.Memebership to the association is limited to the Knanaya Catholics of the area who are born of both Knanaya parents and who practise endogamy and catholic faith.
KCCLA Elected Members for the Year 1992
The following people were elected as committee members to the Interim Committee.
    Fr.Abraham Mutholath Director
    Mr Thomas Parayankala President
    Mr Jacob Mutholath Vice-President
    Mr Babu Chettiath Secretary
    Mr Pious Poozhikkala Joint Secretary
    Mr Thomas Pachikkara Treasurer
    Mr Cyriac Poovathinkal KCCNA Representative
    Mr Cyriac Vettuparappuram Constitution Committee
    Mr Cyriac Chazhikatt Constitution Committee