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                                         CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF THE
                                   KNANAYA CATHOLIC CONGRESS OF LOS ANGELES
                                                            ARTICLE    1  -  NAME
Section  1:  The name of the association is THE KNANAYA CATHOLIC CONGRESS OF LOS ANGELES herein after referred as the "association" or KCCLA
Section  2:  KCCLA is a nonprofit organization of Knanaya Catholics in Los Angeles and neighbouring places. It is affiliated to knanaya Catholic Congress of North America (kccna) and should respect its directives.
Section  3:  The territory of the association is Southern California herein after referred as "territory".
Section  4:  The office of KCCLA shall be at the address of the incumbent or at the premises decided by the executive committee of KCCLA.
                                                            ARTICLE    2  -  OBJECTIVES
The main objectives of the association are :
A)    To organize gatherings of Knanaya Catholics in the territory so as to encourage their spiritual life and Knanaya traditions.
B)    To promote facilities for young Knanaya Catholics in the territory to learn more about the Knanaya Catholic community.
C)    To raise funds for religious and charitable causes.
D)    To maintain good communication among the members of the association, and with other organizations,especially Knanaya Catholics.
E)    To establish a Knanaya Catholic ministry served by Knanaya Catholic priest(s) recommended by the Knanaya Catholic Bishop of Kottayam.
                                                            ARTICLE    3  -  MEMBERSHIP
A)    All Knanaya Catholics in the territory who are born of both Knanaya parents, and practise endogamy and catholic faith are members of KCCLA.
B)    Families or individuals who follow the basic Knanaya Catholic Principle and who pay their annual subscription fee to KCCLA are the "registerd members" of the association.Only registerd members hold any position in the association and shall have the right to vote.
C)    Any member who marries outside the Knanaya community or leaves the catholic church automaticcaly loses his/her membership in KCCLA.
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